Interesting and specific lessons learned from experience

1) Parquet schema Vs. Hive Metastore in SparkSQL

Our solution to the Hadoop small files problem

A little background

Why is it so important to track your users’ queries, and how do we do it?

The Importance Of Monitoring Your Users

A short description of Firebolt, for not-so-technical people

Harry Potter receives his own Firebolt from Sirius Black

A human-readable stock analysis, from a rational perspective

Q&A session on specific issues that bothered us

A letter to the developers and product manager of Impala

1. Metadata Cache TTL

Why Small Frequently-Queried Tables Shouldn’t Be Stored In HDFS?

A really hot spot, not in Hadoop

Something’s wrong

How to make your selective queries run 100x faster?

The Problem

How did we make our Impala run faster?

Impala In Our Data Lake

Adir Mashiach

I like data-backed answers

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