Impala Discussion With The Product Manager (Greg Rahn)

Q&A session on specific issues that bothered us

Yesterday I had a 90 minutes e-meeting with Greg Rahn, a product manager on the team at Cloudera that contributes to Apache Impala. I want to thank him here for his time, it’s truly awesome to be the user of a product with a PM like Greg.

To our conversation I came prepared with a bunch of questions and we discussed each and every one of them to details.

In this post I’ll write a detailed summary on each question and answer — let’s start.

That’s all for now, we will have another call in about a month or so.

To sum up, I think Impala is heading in the right direction but one thing that bothers me is that they’re not planning to make it more pluggable. I was very impressed of Greg. He has a very rich technological background and I’m 100% sure he deeply understands the users.

I like data-backed answers